TINCTURE chat about their brand vision and cleaning tips.

Following Dot’s recent partnership with TINCTURE London, we spoke to their founder, Angelika Davenport, to learn more about the brand that now has a presence in all of our Dot homes. This exciting business has developed a range of cleaning products whose sole aim is to protect its customers health, home and the planet.

“TINCTURE aims to reduce or eliminate the use of volatile organic compounds, creating products that are ecologically friendly, safe and effective for customers who are becoming increasingly aware of the effects of poor indoor air quality” 

After 5 minutes with Angelika, we learnt some pretty horrifying facts. Our generation now spends over 90% of time indoors in environments sealed off from fresh air circulation and natural light; key elements which are essential for a healthy body and mind. In doing so we are exposing ourselves to chemical household products on a daily basis.

The result? A huge impact on our health: sleeping problems, mental instability, depression, breathing difficulties, itchy skin to list a few! It is estimated that the risk of developing asthma by living in unhealthy homes increases by 40%.

TINCTURE cleaning and lifestyle products will have a presence in all Dot homes.

As a mother of four kids and several pets, Angelika became obsessed with cleaning routines and cleaning products. She came across a shocking body of research by the UK Environmental Protection Agency which revealed the air inside a typical home is on average, up to 5 x more polluted than the air directly outside.

Researchers identified the main culprits were the volatile chemical compounds which are released by the chemically based household products such as cleaners, candles, diffusers, plug-ins and air fresheners. Studies have shown how detrimental the use of chemical based household products are to our respiratory and endocrine systems. Exposure to these products has been compared with smoking 20 cigarettes a day! 

A 30-year study found that using bleach-based products increased the risk of chronic pulmonary respiratory by nearly a third. This is a common, preventable respiratory disease, but the World Health Organisation predicts it will be the third leading cause of death by 2030.

Angelika began to realise just how enormous the impact household chemicals were potentially having on her family’s health and wellbeing so she decided to create a range of cleaning and lifestyle products which she could trust to be not only 100% natural but also totally safe to use around her children and pets. 

TINCTURE creates products that are kind to us, our families, our pets and the environment.

The result is TINCTURE – the only 100% natural and effective cleaning and lifestyle product collection in the UK, made with pure essential oils, botanical extracts and antimicrobial silver.

Cleaning: Tips and Tricks by Angelika Davenport

My grandmother used to love making potions out of herbs and vinegar and she always lectured me: “Don’t clean in haste!” I never understood what that meant until she once explained to me that for best cleaning results one needed to allow the formulations to “settle” on the applied surfaces before wiping and possibly rinsing; indeed she was right! For best results with our Bathroom cleaner, always count to ten before wiping down!

Our passion lies in helping to minimise the effects of poor indoor air in our homes. 

A clean home is a healthy home and everyday household products play an important part in maintaining good standards of cleanliness and hygiene. But do we need to create sterile environments in our homes? Of course sanitation is fundamental and can be life-saving in sensitive environments like hospitals and tragically poor hygiene is still one of the leading causes of child mortality in many parts of the world.

However, we don’t always need ‘sterile’ conditions in our everyday life. The use of toxin-free chemical cleaning products along with the mechanical (wiping) removal of bacteria will have significant antibacterial action. Indeed, many commonly used biocides such as triclosan can have adverse long-term effects to our health.

All of TINCTURE’s core product range can be purchased as a refill.
  1. Check the labels – scientific evidence shows adverse effects on our health and the environment caused by many chemicals commonly used in household products. Glycol ethers and preservatives like BIT, MIT and phenoxyethanol should be avoided.
  2. Rinsing products from surfaces – Products that are left on the surface will increase the amount of chemicals in the air that we breathe in. Simply rinsing off the cleaning agent will decrease the residual presence and so reduce the generation of VOCs.
  3. Ventilating rooms – Simply opening windows on a regular basis and especially when cleaning will help ventilate our homes. Avoid chemical driven products that mask the problem smells and add more toxins to our air.
  4. Welcome nature into our homes – Some houseplants have been scientifically proven to reduce indoor VOCs by as much as 80%. The Golden Pothos (Epipremnum aureum) has been shown to have the highest formaldehyde removal capabilities as well as oxygenating our homes.
  5. Product usage – At TINCTURE we use a trigger spray that is designed to have minimal output of product. Not only does this decrease the amount of product needed to clean (you can still spray as many times as you like) it also means you get more uses out of each bottle!
Care goes into every single ingredient. Only used if 100% natural, sustainable and non-toxic.

TINCTURE’s range consists of seven core products: All Purpose, Washing Up and Bathroom Cleaner as well as Glass/Mirror/ Steel, Daily Floor, Floor Concentrate and our Furniture Cleaner, starting from £4.99, with refills available from £3.99.

By: Angelika Davenport
Founder & CEO

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