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For Dot residents we are elevating the standard of rental accommodation through design and exceptional customer service. Whether for one night or three years we aim to surprise and delight our residents by making their stay with us comparable to that of a boutique hotel.

Each home is meticulously designed and decorated with furniture and fittings from beautiful brands, and packed with luxurious amenities courtesy of world class partners including Malin & Goetz (which by the way…we are OBSESSED with!).

We were super excited to chat to Matthew Malin & Andrew Goetz, the founders of luxury skincare brand Malin & Goetz, about all things home…

Matthew & Andrew with their pug Mr Greenberg.

What does the word ‘home’ mean to you?

Andrew: It’s my place to chill and relax; a place that’s warm and friendly. It’s also where I’m guaranteed to find Mr. Malin and Mr. Greenberg (our wonderful pug).

Matthew: A private intimate place.

Where is home for you both?

Andrew: While there are a number of places where I feel at home, home is literally our apartment in Chelsea (New York). That being said, after 20 years in the same apartment, we are moving to the Upper West Side – for a bit more home, and to be a little bit closer to our country home in the Hudson Valley. Both our farm house and city apartment are equally home to us.

Matthew: Home is definitely divided between our Manhattan apartment and a weekend home in the country two hours North of NYC.

What is your favourite room in your home and why, Andrew?

Andrew: The kitchen. I really enjoy cooking and not surprisingly, eating. It’s also the place where everyone seems to want to hang out when we have friends over. And it holds true for both the city and country kitchens. Perhaps it’s my cooking – but more likely, it’s because that’s also where we keep the wine.

What can’t you leave home without?

Andrew: My keys.

Matthew: My personal skincare products.

Have you been to Manchester (UK)?

Andrew: I have. And a number of times. I lived in London in the 1980’s and made a number of trips up to Manchester. Fun town!

Matthew: Yes, we love Manchester, it feels real and gritty – in a good way.

Dot resident or Dot investor?

Both: At the moment, Dot resident – but you never know?

What 3 words would you use to describe one another?

Andrew: Determined, hungry and loving.

Matthew: Funny, smart, creative.

What is your proudest achievement?

Andrew: Malin+Goetz

Matthew: 26 years with Andrew!

Andrew, Matthew & their pug in the Malin & Goetz office.

What is your favourite gadget in the home and why?  

Andrew: Our Nest Thermostat. It gets really cold during the Winter up in the Hudson Valley. So I love being able to turn on the heat from my phone before we arrive. It makes a world of difference.

Matthew: Hmmm not into gadgets…but maybe the coffee bean grinder since I love the ritual, smell and taste of fresh, handmade coffee.

What is your most used emoji?

Andrew: I’m a big fan of the Nomoji. I use it all the time. In fact, I’m using it now.

Matthew: I have never really used them. That being said, a school friend did create an emoji of myself that I reserve and use only when she and I text one another.

Which is your favourite app right now and why?

Andrew: My WNYC (Public Radio – sort of like the BBC, but different) radio app. Gives me access to amazing podcasts, NPR, and of course the BBC which keeps me intelligently informed and happily entertained.

Matthew: Dark Sky – because it is supposedly a more accurate app than the other weather apps!

What is your guilty pleasure when you’re chilling at home?

Andrew: Watching a Netflix with a good glass of wine and Mr. Greenberg by my side.

Matthew: TV…pretty much anything that is on!

What are you currently watching on Netflix?  

Andrew: Just started ‘Huge in France’.

Matthew: Andrew has purchased ALL of the British Netflix stuff and we are currently watching Whitechapel, a crime drama set in London. Entertaining!

Which of your products is your all time favourite and why?

Andrew: Well I love all my children equally, and pretty much use all of them. I honestly can’t pick a favourite, but I have to admit that I’m a bit obsessed with our new Advanced Renewal Moisturiser.

Matthew: Grapefruit Face Cleanser is the first product we made. It sets a foundation for every reason why your skin is healthy. Guess what…it works.

Simple & effective skincare.

What is your best beauty advice for a time-starved professional, Matthew?

Matthew: Wash your face twice a day, every day, with a gentle and effective cleanser. It is hard work that pays off in the longer term.

As a global cosmetics brand M&G has a host of celebrity fans? Who is your biggest fan?

Andrew: We do indeed have a very impressive roster of celebrity fans. But I don’t think any can compare to the enthusiasm of my mother!

Matthew: LeBron James! I would LOVE to learn that Oprah is a fan.

You’re a keen eye for design Andrew having cultivated many architects and designers’ careers. What style of interior design inspires you in 2019?

Andrew: As much as my taste has evolved over the years, the core to my style has remained very consistent. I jokingly call myself a Minimalist Manqué. I like mixing classic Modernism, Contemporary design and punctuating spaces with some beautiful period antiques. I’m always inspired by designs that are minimalist, but warm and eclectic. Good design is always inspiring – whatever the year may be.

Which of your products should be in every Dot home globally, Matthew?

Matthew: Our Cannabis Candle sets the mood in any room.

Setting the mood with a Malin & Goetz candle.

What makes a house a home, Andrew?

Andrew: Someone (or something) that you love coming home to.

Your business aside, what’s been your best investment to date?

Andrew: Messrs. Malin and Greenberg. Big investment, but great returns.

Matthew: Our apartment in NYC which has quadrupled in value since its purchase.

If you were to buy a property anywhere in the world in 2019 where would that be and why?  

Andrew: Tough question, because there are so many places in the world that I’d love to call home. But I’m going to go with Amsterdam. I lived there for many years, and would love to have a reason to spend more time there. It’s has all the assets of a big city, but all the charm of a small village. The herring is good too.

Matthew: We just purchased a new apartment in Manhattan after 21 years. The purchase was finalised in February 2019.

What business and investment publications do you read to stay ahead?  

Andrew: I read The Economist, The FT and the New York Times (Business Section) religiously. I’m also a real estate junky, so while the New York Times Real Estate section is always at hand, I love buying local papers when I travel to see what the local scene is like. As Mark Twain once said, “buy land, they’re not making it anymore”. Always fun to dream.

Matthew: All! We read WWD every morning and subscribe to every magazine that has a beauty or grooming section. We read the NYT and have financial advisors that help us make important decisions.

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