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One of the key USP’s of a Dot investment versus a traditional buy-to-let is the ability to offer residents complete flexibility of tenure. Dot homes are therefore offered across traditional platforms like Rightmove and Zoopla, but also via short-term accommodation marketplaces including Airbnb. This flexibility means optimal choice for the resident and higher yields and lower voids for our investors.

Platforms such as Airbnb dominate the short-term booking experience, effectively separating the property manager from the guest. So what does this mean for customer experience?  

In short, property managers need to differentiate their product from competitors, not only during the pre-arrival booking experience but also when the guest has moved into the property. In response to this, a plethora of short-term rental management companies have rebranded as hospitality companies, conclusively demonstrating the growing importance of the end-to-end customer experience.

YourWelcome works with leading short-term rental operators in 38 countries, providing a premium experience and service layer to the guests. A pre-arrival check-in solution and in-property tablet provides guests with a simple way to connect to the local area, and operates a seamless way to transact directly with them.

YourWelcome offers a simple and effective tech solution to get immersed in the area surrounding their apartment, as well as the very best local on-demand services such as food delivery, restaurant booking and dry cleaning services.

In-property tablets streamline guest communications and offer local recommendations.

When guests first check-in, they are in a hurry to find the trendiest eateries, hottest bars and coolest experiences. They may have researched much of this prior to arrival, perhaps even pre-booking essential events or tickets.

However, their research is unlikely to include “which is the best taxi service”, “who does the best food delivery” and “how do I get directions to the nearest station”? These practical questions are where YourWelcome comes into play; providing the most value to guests instantly, via a premium in-home tablet on arrival.

YourWelcome’s customer usage shows that guest preferences for experiences during their stay in short stay rentals differ from the perception that they look solely for true ‘local’ experiences. For example, internationally known restaurants such as the Ivy, Sushi Samba and Gordon Ramsey account for over 30% of all restaurant searches in UK cities. Furthermore, the most viewed recommendations correlate around big tourist attractions or new “up and coming” parts of the city.

This shows that guests need more than local recommendations near the accommodation, but city-wide tips that fit with what the guest will want during their stay, for example the perfect stag-do venue, maybe the ideal karaoke bar, or perhaps just the best local fish and chip shop!

Further analytics suggest that food delivery is the most popular service across YourWelcome’s network with guests happy to use the accommodation as a social environment to eat with their friends / colleagues or family, really enhancing the home-away-from-home ethos. Offering easy access to premium food delivery will allow guests staying in Dot homes to experience the best of their City’s thriving ‘foodie’ scene without relying on Google reviews that ultimately may not match customer expectations.

YourWelcome looks forward to welcoming Dot residents to Manchester, Liverpool and beyond!

Guest post by:
Henry Bennett

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